Wednesday, March 18, 2015

As you may well know, Cody has been nursing an injured IT band for almost 2 months now. (Wait, what? He didn't mention that...only like every other Strava post.) Poor man, it is taking it's toll on him, not being able to run in this unexpected, other worldly weather we have been having...oh... all winter long. It could have been the perfect season for him to train in and he has been....not training. well, that isn't entirely true. And I have proof. I bring you some shots of the rare IT band sufferer caught in his natural habitat as he tries to maintain his fitness and sanity. Preferably without aggravating his very angry knee.

To all you fellow injury sufferers out there, my sincerest sympathies as I have seen first hand what mental anguish it can cause, being sidelined.  Well wishes to you all!