Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bear Redemption Photos

Most years, I look forward to The Bear 100 almost as much as Cody does. This being the fourth time around for me, I felt I had already "done that." I have scouted the trails, found awesome spots to shoot and have had a few turn out really well. My heart was more on helping Cody along the way, really making his aid stops quick and efficient. Cuz I am cool like that.
Most of the shots from this year were set up quickly, done more on a whim. Documenting more the course and it's beauty. However, near the end, I decided to experiment with some light trails, since every runner had a headlamp. That is when I started getting excited, as conditions were totally in my favor. To my dismay, that is also when Cody picked up the pace. 

The trail coming in to Leatham

 A few spectators waiting for the first wave of runners in to Leatham Aid

 Yeah. Lots of scenery shots while we wait. This part of the course had some amazing color. The middle section ahead (at least the aid stations) are usually a bit more brown, so we were soaking it in.

The last of the color at Cowley Aid.

 A runner leaving Cowley Aid Station

 Tony Grove Aid Station
 Chasing the boys as they ran in to Tony Grove aid
 Another shot of them leaving Tony Grove Aid. Cody appropriated my best shots for his post, so this is another view I loved.
 Cody says I sounds like I am whining, so to whine a bit more, I was sad to see quite a few trees down at Franklin Basin. This has been one of my favorite aids in past year as it is usually the golden hour time frame and awesome trees in their full fall splendor. Below shows the most color I saw along the trail.

 The fields out of Franklin, however, were stunning in the setting sun. I took a few deep breaths at this point and enjoyed the solitude. I knew a frantic night was ahead.

 Beaver Mountain Aid. It was such a warm night, we sat on the lawn to watch for runners. A blanket on the lap was all the warmth I needed.
 Cody and Erik coming in!

 The trail/road coming in to Ranger Dip Aid. The moon was so bright I could get quite a bit of scenery in the shot. This is the road at 1:00 am.

 I happened to be queue-ing up another shot like the one above when a runner ran right through my long exposure. I had no idea he was coming, so I got a less smooth- but still cool light trail...on accident. I think this was Jesse.
Ranger Dip Aid. These guys rock. They are so friendly, so patient and so nice for it being 1:00 in the morning! Most of those cars have sleepers in them.

Another runner leaving the aid. The light is his headlamp lighting up the trail. The light just above the longer one is his headlamp itself as he looked up.
 Cody and Erik coming in to Ranger Dip. I meant to do this one, ha
 Waiting at the Finish line. Quite the crowd here. Six or seven people is the most I have ever seen milling around.
 And the shot before the one Cody posted of them running in for the finish.  I love how fast it makes them look like they are running.

So, overall, Daytime was focused solely on keeping Cody cool then getting ahead of the pack of cars for a good parking spot at the next aid. The nighttime went by too fast. Odd saying that, really. A nice, smooth race with the least hiccups we have ever had! I call that a win. But now I lose traction on any arguments against future 100s. I don't like losing footing.

Keep scrolling down to read Cody's summary. 

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